Last weekend I had my BFF Cathy over for a champagne and spa night.  Our guys cooked an amazing dinner (pictures at the end) while we relaxed and chatted.  These are perfect treatments to do with your girl friends or just by yourself when you need some extra pampering.

Herbal Foot Soak

This easy, at home treatment makes your feet SO soft.  It can be done easily with things you probably already have in your house (or can get easily/cheaply).

First, decide which herb you want to use.  Cathy picked Rosemary but you could use basically any of the culinary herbs that you have in your kitchen.  You can use fresh or dried, whatever you have works.  Of course, they each have different benefits, here are a few examples:

Rosemary – stimulating, astringent, conditioning

Sage – astringent

Thyme – aromatic, antiseptic, stimulant, disinfectant

Pine needles (from the pine trees in your yard!) – stimulating, antiseptic

Parsley – cleansing, soothing, healing

Of course, if you have things like lavender flowers or rose petals – even better!  They have their own healing properties and of course, amazing scents!

Once you decide on your herb (you can also do a mix of them!), for each person you will need:

Epsom Salt, Baking Soda, and Sea Salt. You can get all three ingredients at the grocery store if you don’t have them already and we LOVE Maine harvested Sea Change Sea Salt – check them out!


Measure out about a 1/2 cup of each, along with 1/2 cup of your fresh herb (1/4 cup of dried herb) per person:


If you have a muslin tea bag or some other reusable type of tea bag you can put your herb in that, otherwise you can just dump it in with the other ingredients.


Fill up your foot tub with hot water to your liking, add your tea bag (or loose herbs):

Then add the rest of your ingredients to the bath:

Baking soda:


Epsom Salt:


Sea Salt:


Then put your feet in and soak for as long as you’d like (or until your water starts to cool down!)  Kaya likes to be one of the girls on nights like this!


Sugar Foot Scrub

After your feet have soaked for awhile, it’s time to do a nice foot scrub!

First, collect your ingredients (save your foot bath!).  You will need sugar (I love Sugar in the Raw), an oil of your choice (Organic Hemp Seed Oil is my favorite, but you just use plain old olive oil too) and oats (organic old fashioned oats are best, but we only had instant and it works just as good).


First, grind up your oats a little in a blender, then add equal parts oats and sugar (1 cup of each is plenty for two people):


Start to add your oil:


Add a little at a time and mix as you go:


Keep adding oil and mixing until you get a consistency like this:


(The gorgeous stacking rings in the above picture are available from stellarcreature here)

Once you have your mixture, put your feet over the tub of water and just start scrubbing them, it’s okay if some of the mixture falls into the water tub, you are going to soak in it again anyway!  Be sure to give extra attention (and scrubbing) to the rough spots like your heels.




After scrubbing ,your feet will look all glossy from the oil and exfoliation:


Then just put your feet back in and soak a little longer (add any leftover scrub to your tub too).  You can add some more hot water at this point too if you’d like to soak for awhile.  Then just dry your feet off (don’t rinse them!) let the oil soak into your feet and they will feel so nice and soft!!



Cucumber Hand Treatment

Next is a hand treatment using honey and cucumber.  (this treatment smells AMAZING!!!)

Start with your ingredients, 1/2 of an organic cucumber (local if they are in season!) and honey (local, if you can!). You will also need plastic wrap to wrap your hands with.


Skin and cut up your cucumber:


Then put your cucumbers into a blender (or food processor) and blend until as smooth as you can get them:



Put the blended cucumber into a bowl and add about 1/2 cup of honey:


Then stir them together and apply the mixture to your hands, all over (it is best to do this part over the plastic wrap):


Then wrap your hands with the plastic wrap.  This part is easier if you have a friend to help you.


Wrap your hands in a towel for extra warmth/penetration of the honey and cucumber mixture.


Leave this one for as long as you can, then rinse your hands.  Once you are all done, apply your favorite salve or moisturizer to your hands and feet.  My FAVORITE moisturizer ever is our All Purpose Chamomile and Calendula Salve (comes in 3 sizes) available on our website – it is the perfect end to these treatments.


Hopefully by this point you’ve enjoyed a couple of glasses of champagne and are nice and relaxed with crazy soft hands and feet.  This is the perfect time to finish the night with a great meal with your friends.

Pieter made us an incredible meal of Garlic and Goat Cheese Tart, Beet and Apple Slaw with Pistachios, and Gorgonzola Radicchio Risotto with some fresh bread that I made earlier in the afternoon.




Kaya also enjoyed the evening hanging with the girls.  I will do an at home facial spa night post soon, so keep a look out.  If you have any questions, send me an email!