We live in a little town (Casco) in the heart of Maine’s Lakes Region.  We farm on 5 acres with 22 chickens, 1 cat, 1 dog,  and lots and lots of plants.  We love it and treasure every day that we get to live this life on this farm.  We are a small two person company and do everything ourselves so everything has a personal touch and has to pass our strict standards of quality.

Sustainability is extremely  important to us – we do our best to incorporate it into every aspect of our lives and Rooted Earth.

For more detailed info about the farm and our farming practices, please check out the Farm Info page.

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I graduated from UMaine with a BS in Environmental Horticulture, minor in Sustainable Agriculture, and another minor in Business. My degree is extremely helpful in many ways, but especially in knowing how to properly identify plants while I am wild-crafting, and how to grow them properly. I am also working on my third herbalism certification.

I have been creating and selling herbal skin care and apothecary products for over 20 years. My love of herbs began as a child through my grandmother’s love of herbs. She always had big gardens filled with herbs and I loved walking through and smelling and becoming familiar with each one. We would often take a trip to eat at an herb themed restaurant in New Hampshire and it’s one of my most favorite memories.

Herbs were the beginning of my love affair with plants and my reason for seeking a degree in horticulture/agriculture and in starting the farm. I have been growing organic & sustainable fruits, vegetables, cut flowers, and herbs for many years.

Spending days outside with the magic of mother nature, watching the miracle of a seed turning into something that gives energy and health, as well as nights/winters inside creating sustainable, organic body care and apothecary products is what I was meant to do and I am so grateful for all of Rooted Earth’s customers for giving me the opportunity to do so.

My items are created in small batches using organic and/or wild-crafted ingredients. I only wild-craft here on our land and in a sustainable way, always leaving enough of the plant/plant stand so that it can still grow and reproduce in the future. I am constantly replanting seeds and harvesting with pure intention and respect for my environment. My products are never tested on animals and the beeswax and honey that I use come from our farm bees so that I know they are harvested in a respectful and sustainable way. All products can also be made vegan, just ask!




Pieter is a graduate of UMaine with a M.Ed in Instructional Technology and a MFA in Intermedia.  He also has a BFA with an emphasis in painting, video production and performance.  He is a classically trained chef with an emphasis in French, Italian, and Mediterranean cuisines and has been cooking the most amazing food for over 18 years. His focus is on creating healthy, rustic, home-style cuisine that utilizes local, sustainable, and farm-fresh ingredients.



Chloe, Big Mama, Flower, Lucy, Amelia, Janis, Clementine, Abigail, Harper, Popcorn, Liberace, Laverne, Shirley, Henrietta, Bertha, Boots, Sid, Annie, Penny, Dahlia, Magnolia, and Vivian are the chickens.  The chickens provide us with the best organic eggs, lots of love, and endless hours of entertainment.  They love being involved with the farming – digging for bugs and worms, and playing in the grass.  They also provide us with lots of great organic matter for the soil!




Herbie is the cat and is Sara’s sewing supervisor. Charlie is the newest addition to the Rooted Earth family.  He was a rescue dog and fits in perfectly with the family.  He’s also the biggest snuggle-bug.