• We compost everything that we can, nothing goes to waste!
  • We do not use any GMO seeds (genetically modified organism) and use only certified organic seed and non-GMO heirloom seed.
  • We concentrate on the health of our soil because the soil is what gives us healthy and healing plants.
  • We are a low till farm (only tilling once in the spring minimally) in order to maintain a healthy soil structure.  It keeps our soil, worms, and plants HAPPY!
  • We do not use ANY chemicals, herbicides, or pesticides (not even organic ones!)
  • We only use organic inputs – organic fertilizers, compost, manure, etc… and most are produced on the farm so there is also no cost to the environment on shipping them into the farm
  • We have on-farm bees to pollinate the plants and complete the cycle.  The only honey and beeswax that we use in our products is ours.  We raise and care for our bees chemical-free!
  • We grow a lot of hard to find medicinal herbs for those of you that like to make your own herbal medicines – send us an email if there is something specific you’d like to buy locally and we will grow it for you!


  • Our eggs come from pampered chickens, they get:
    • organic feed and their favorite treats
    • supervised free range for hours a day (weather permitting)
    • extra large coop and run
    • lots and lots of love and hugs
    • a break in the winter from laying to recoup, we do not provide supplemental lighting to force their bodies to keep producing eggs at a high rate – this means we don’t have many eggs for sale during the winter but we strongly believe in letting the chickens’ bodies have a break as they should, naturally.  This also means that they will continue laying later into their lives.  We do NOT kill our chickens when they stop laying like a lot of farms, they get to retire here on the farm as our pets and live a long, happy life.


We sell our all natural body care products, herbal apothecary goods, and handcrafted goat’s milk hemp soaps in our Etsy shop as well as local fairs and festivals.

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A lot of people ask us if we are organic.  We are not certified organic.  However, we ARE sustainable, which to us, means a whole lot more than “organic”.  There are a lot of “certified organic” producers that are not at all sustainable and they do use pesticides (certified organic ones, which we believe are not healthy for people or the plants).  We use no pesticides or herbicides or synthetic chemicals on the farm at all, not even organic ones.  A happy plant is a healthy plant – if we get pests or diseases it’s because our plants are not happy and we try to fix it or change how we do things next time, but we don’t use pesticides or herbicides at all.  We hand-weed.  We compost.  We are constantly trying to build up our organic matter to make all of the microbes in the soil (as well as our plants), happy.  We do not use any GMO (genetically modified organism) seeds.  If you have any questions about this or anything else, we’d be happy to answer them, just send us an email or stop by anytime.

We are open:
This year (2017) we will not be opening our store.
We want to focus on the fields & plants, and our Etsy shop which is where the demand is for our products.
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Rooted Earth Farm