Chaga Tea


Enjoy the benefits and earthy taste of chaga!


Chaga tea is my favorite to drink everyday. It makes me feel so good!

Contains: ethically harvested Maine chaga mushroom

Chaga has so many benefits to your health! It is known to: boost your immune system, normalize cholesterol and blood pressure, soothe (great for pain and neuropathy), support gastrointestinal health, increase energy, be high in B vitamins and lots of different minerals, support long life, be a powerful adaptogen which means it helps you deal with stress and changes better, the list goes on and on.

Comes in a tea tin. Chaga can be brewed into tea up to 3 times. Just brew a batch, then save the mushrooms in the fridge to brew 2 more times.

8 fl oz tin

I have been studying herbs and creating herbal apothecary items for over 21 years. I create everything with loving intention and healing energy.

I use the finest ingredients I can find for my body care products. Organic and local as much as possible. A lot of the herbs are grown and/or wild crafted from right here on our sustainable farm. I only use herbs and essential oils to add fragrance – no chemical fragrance oils.

Please note that all body care products are created in small batches by hand (by me!).

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